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Sometimes the ZQ directory has to be cleaned out due to corrupt files that prevent the unit from operating or from upgrading from a previous version without cleaning it up first. To clean the ZQ folder and start with a fresh clean database follow the steps below.  Also, the LED Sequence was: Alert Solid - RED, Ready Solid - Green, 100BT Solid - Orange, 10BT - none, LAN - blinking green

01.  Power down the FaxPress unit in question.
If you are running version 5.x or 6.x you will have a Zqrecov1.sav delete this folder first
Rename the \CASTELLE\<SERIAL NUMBER>\ZQ directory to ZQ.OLD

NOTE: In some cases you may have to wait for the File Server to release control of files to rename the directory.

04.  Now Right Click on \CASTELLE\<SERIAL NUMBER>\user directory
05.  Choose Find from the list.
06.  Search for *.o*; *.n*, 
07.  A list will be displayed below on your Find window.
08.  Highlight the first file it found (single click it)
09.  Now hit CTRL+A to highlight all files.
10.  Once they are all highlighted hit the DELETE key, then choose yes to confirm.
11.  Power on the FaxPress
12.  Once the FaxPress has booted completely, log into FaxPress as Supervisor, and do Manual Storage Reclamation set for deleting faxes and Notices for 1 day.

Once that is complete you have a clean database. You now have a new directory called ZQ.OLD in your <Serial Number> directory. If you need to print any of the old faxes you can open the file with a graphics viewer that supports PCX files. (Paintbrush supports PCX) If the faxes do not need to be saved or printed you can delete the ZQ.OLD directory.

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